Dolphin tour


The dolphin tour is a spectacular tourist attraction programme in Zanzibar.There are many bottlenose and humpback dolphins in the vicinity of  Kizimkazi.
The Menai Bay Conversation Area has been established to protect the dolphins, and therefore overfishing is banned in the region.

Large tourist groups crowd to the village in the morning. The locals try to find the populations with their boats to allow the tourists to admire the dolphins.
The search is successful in most cases, but don’t be disappointed if you cannot detect any dolphin. This very rarely happened to us.

When you detect the dolphins, the locals manoeuvre their boats as close to them as possible.
Those who has the necessary equipment and can swim are encouraged to dive into the water to admire the dolphins under the water. It is a great adventure.

Those not having diving goggles and flippers can rent them on the land before departure.


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