It is not difficult to find your route in Zanzibar. If you want to get from some point to another, you have several options.
You’d better obtain a map, and try to find your route.

There are not enough street signs, but if you stop someone and ask for information, he or she will be surely very helpful.
If you give some baksheesh, he or she will surely accompany you. Don’t consider their approach an ill-meant act, and don’t try to get rid of the guide in a rough manner.
They understand if you refuse them definitely, but don’t smile or don’t be friendly. Do it just in a correct way. We often make friends with the local beach boys.
Another option is to install a navigation system on your phone.
We have tested several systems, but perhaps the Sygic Car Navigation app is the most useful one, which may be installed under Android.

You can download it free from the Play Store.  The premium functions are valid only for one week,
then you have to pay a single fee to enjoy the premium functions of the program for an indefinite period. You can find help and videos on the program on YouTube.

The map of Zanzibar can be reached in the following order:

Click on Africa, then choose Tanzania.

 And now you can search for the island of Zanzibar. If your phone is provided with a GPS receiver, then it will accurately show where you stay right now.
Then you can get anywhere on the island with the help of the navigation.


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