The visitor or traveller must always apply for a visa to enter the United Republic of Tanzania. You can apply for the visa at the airport when the international plane lands. The visa is valid for the whole area of the United Republic of Tanzania, including Zanzibar and the continental Tanzania. The visa is valid for both places for three months, whether you buy it in Zanzibar or on the continent. It is important to note, that your passport must be valid for additional 6 months.


The 4 major entry points where you can apply for a visa:

Dar es Salaam international airport
Zanzibar international airport
Kilimanjaro international airport
Namanga entry point


You must have a valid visa at all other entry points. The visa may be applied for at the foreign diplomatic service or consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania, which is granted usually within one day.


The visa application sheet must be completed at the entry points, but there are airlines distributing it to the passengers already before landing.


Visa types:

Regular visitor visa

A regular visa may be issued to any foreigner. It allows its holder to arrive as a visitor at the entry point. It is US$ 50, as it is shown on the upper image. The visitors of generally use this visa. It may be applied for after the airplane lands. They may enter only the area of Tanzania, Zanzibar with the visa.

Business visa
The business visa is issued to potential investors who wish to visit Tanzania for business purposes. This activities may include making of studies, signing of special and business contracts, or initiation of investments during the starting period. This visa may be valid for 1 to 6 months. The period and the price are specified in an administrative way, and therefore the investor should preliminarily consult the competent authorities.

Multiple entry visa
The multiple entry visa is issued to foreigners who frequently visit the United Republic of Tanzania due to their business or investment. This visa is valid for one month to one year. Usually the local contacts submit the applications for multiple entry visas on behalf of the applications.

Referral visa
This visa is a special permit granted by the immigration officer of Dar es Salaam or the immigration director general of Zanzibar. Such visa is granted to people from Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, to refugees, homeless and other nationalities specified by the authorities from time to time.

Your fingerprint is also read on the site when you apply for a visa. If more than one international planes arrive, then you might have to wait for more than one hour on the site, until you receive your visa.

Chinese, Egyptian, Italian, German and Indian consulates operate on Zanzibar. There are also English and U.S. embassies in Dar es Salaam. The list of official embassies in Tanzania is available here.



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