You can use your phone and the Internet in Zanzibar just as anywhere else in the world.
In this menu option, we intend to help the visitors use the services offered there at the lowest price.
Due to the Swahili language, getting information might be a bit difficult, but perhaps we can help you with this entry. You can buy SIM cards at many places.

Your passport is requested, photocopied and a photo is taken of you. Locals are asked to present only their identity cards.
The prices of the SIM card (4G) is TZS 3,000.
The charge cards are more expensive, we present the process of charging on a card sold at TZS 20,000.

 When you bought the SIM card, you can see also your phone number on it.
If someone wants to call you from abroad, then 255 is the country calling code to be used as a prefix, and if you are locally called, then 0 is the prefix.So in our case, the phone number is +255 776990633. Both sizes are available according to the perforation of the SIM card.
The charge card is available almost at any place where it is indicated by a relevant sign.



You have to scratch the surface of the back of the charge card, and there you can find your PIN code.
The additional steps are given in Swahili and English.

Using the same example, if a Zantel SIM card is in your phone, you have to dial the following number: *104*0031956188875#, then call.
The beginning of the number cannot be seen on the image given below.


Then you receive the following words of welcome in SMS:


Then push the following numbers: *149*15#

On receipt of the next message, enter number 9 to change the system to English, if you cannot speak Swahili, but speak English.

Then enter number 4, as you surely want to have an Internet access on your card bought at TZS 20,000.

Follow the next message, and enter number 2.

On the next screen you can choose from the daily, weekly and monthly packages.
As you can see, we have chosen the weekly package, and therefore we entered number 2.

Then you have to decide how much TZS or bits you want to use in the next seven days.
As you can see in the message, free Facebook is included in your Internet package.
We chose package 4, and we shall have 12 GB Internet in the next week.

We have still TZS 8,000 in our phone package, which you can use for calls and SMS sending.

If you see the following on your phone, then everything is OK! You have successfully charged the card, and you can use your mobile Internet.
4G is perfectly available in Zanzibar, but as you’re travelling away, the Internet may slow down. It even interrupts at some places, but it is not characteristic.

Finally, you receive an information SMS telling you the bit volume, the details of the price, and the free options.


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