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zanzibar guru Blue Safari

zanzibar guru Giant Tortoises

zanzibar guru Spice Tour

zanzibar guru Chumbe Island

zanzibar guru Jozani Forest

zanzibar guru Turtle Aquarium

zanzibar guru Historic sightseeing tour

zanzibar guru Dolphin tour

zanzibar guru Rock Restaurant

zanzibar guru Snorkeling at Mnemba

zanzibar guru Safari in Mikumi can deliver it's customers optional programs with the following offers:

Mnemba snorkelling tour 1 person 75 USD, 2-3 person 65 USD/person, 4-5 person 40 USD/person, 6-8+ person 40 USD/person.

The price includes transportation to the place, boat, fruit and tax.
If you also need diving goggles and flippers, you will also need to pay 2

The Spice tour and Nungwi 1 person is 70 USD, 2-3 person 60 USD/person, 4-5 person 45 USD/person, 6-8+ person 40 USD/person.

The price includes travel to the venue, entry, fruit and full lunch.
In Nungwi, the program is freely chosen, but at an additional price.
These can be bathing with turtles, lunch and snorkeling.

Stone Town and Prison Island. 1 person 116 USD, 2-3 person 96 USD/person, 4-5 person 86 USD/person, 6-8+ 81 USD/person.

Included in the price is a tour of the site, guided tour of Stone Town, entry to the cathedral and former slave trade center,
boat and entrance to the Prison Island for giant turtles.

Jozani Forest and Rock Island. 1 person 110 USD, 2-3 person 90 USD/person, 4-5 person 80 USD/person, 6-8+ 75 USD/person.

The price includes travel to the site for entry to Jozani (Jozani Forest, Colobus Monkeys, Mangrowe Forest).
A visit to The Rock Restaurant which is truly unique in the world. Dishes, drinks are available at an additional price.

Dolphin Tour and Safari Blue. 1 person 200 USD, 2-3 person 130 USD/person, 4-5 person 90 USD/person, 6-8+ 75 USD/person.

The price includes travel to the venue, the ticket and tax on the dolphin tour.
If there is need for diving goggles and a diving suit, it can be rented on site (2 USD/person).
The Blue Safari includes the entry ticket, tax, boat, food, drink. At pproximately 16 o'clock, the boat returns.

If you want to take part in all of the programs listed above at,

we will also offer free transport from the airport at arrival, and transportation will be offered back to the airport
from Sheba Hotel at the end of your vacation.



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