As regards the transport of Zanzibar, two major travels must be highlighted.
One is to Zanzibar, and the other is on the island of Zanzibar.
You should decide yourself how you can get to Zanzibar.
We tell you this as there are plenty of options to get to the island.
We don’t want to promote anyone’s business, and there are many websites helping you book air tickets.
Skyscanner, Airtickets, ...
Numerous flights arrive in the island of Zanzibar every day,


and even more in Dar es Salaam.


If you come to Dar es Salaam, you can generally expect a cheaper air ticket,
but remember that you still have to get somehow to the island of Zanzibar, which is ca. 40 km away in the ocean.


You can get there by a regular shipping service or by a local flight.
Two airports operate near each other in Dar es Salaam.
One is the Julius Nyerere Airport receiving big international plane (click here to see the list of arriving and departing planes),
and the other is the directly neighbouring airport receiving small planes. Flights depart to Zanzibar from both airports.
Medium planes of Precizion Air and several international flights depart from the bigger one and fly to Zanzibar.
Some smaller flights (ZanAir, Coastal Aviation, AuricAir… ca. US$ 90) and private planes depart from the smaller airport.


Those choosing the smaller airport must check out, and have themselves and all their luggage transferred to the other airport by taxi.
Alternatively, you can travel to the island also by ship.
There is a port at ca. 12 km from the airport, to where you can get by taxi. The ship ticket is US$ 35 (economy).


There is a port at ca. 12 km from the airport, to where you can get by taxi. The ship ticket is US$ 35 (economy).
The traffic is not difficult on the island of Zanzibár, and the locals are very gracious.
Be sure to negotiate the price before you take a taxi or get any help.
Otherwise, they may abuse the ignorance of the tourists. Don’t let it happen!


If you arrive via a bureau to Zanzibar, then you will be waited at the airport, in general. You don’t have to arrange for the travel.
The guests of are transported to their accommodations and the programmes by private buses.

If you come privately, then you can take a taxi or a minibus.
You can rent a car or motorcycle, or use the means of mass transport of the locals, the dala-dala in Stone Town.
Never give money to anyone claiming that he is the owner of the dala-dala or that now he has to pay the local tax.


The majority of the dala-dala buses depart from and arrive at the Darajani market to and from all directions of the island.
The fee is usually TZS 2000 or US$ 0.8. If you have a luggage, ca. THS 500 may be charged.

Return to Stone Town is generally at 3-4 p.m., and the next bus departs only the following day.
Dala-dala buses do not move during the hours of darkness. There are no special schedules for the dala-dala buses.
They depart when they are full. It comes or not. You have to wait for it, but it is very cheap.

2-3 dala-dala buses per day depart per service. It is tight-packed, but the travel is adventurous.

       Dala-dala bus service numbers:

116 Nungwi
117 Kiwengwa
118 Matemwe
206 Chwaka
214 Uroa
308 Unguja Ukuu
309 Jambiani
310 Makunduchi
324 Bwejuu
326 Kizimkazi
501 Amani
502 Bububu
505 Airport

Distances of bigger settlements of the island from Stone Town:

Airport (south of Stone Town)
Bwejuu (east coast)
Chwaka (east coast)
Dunga (centre)
Jambiani (east coast)
Jozani Forest (south central)
Kiwengwa (east coast)
Makunduchi (south east coast)
Matemwe (north east coast)
Mbweni (south of Stone Town)
Mkokotoni (north west coast)
Mtoni (north of Stone Town)
5 km
Mangapwani (north west coast)
Nungwi (north east coast)
Paje (south east coast)
Pongwe (east coast)
Pwani Mchangani (north east coast)
Uroa (east coast)


 You can find shipmen almost on all shore sections of Zanzhibar, who will take you to tour or snorkel.



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